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B. Traits

Balancing popularity with credibility can be an impossible feat, but Brianna Price has taken it in her stride. Maybe it’s because she’s both approachable and enthusiastically knowledgeable that the Canadian DJ and producer has managed to move seamlessly from six years on BBC Radio 1 to a second life as a lauded techno selector. Anyone already familiar with her eclectic tastes will know that warehouse rocking sets with the likes of Adam Beyer and Chris Liebing are just one aspect of her shapeshifting personality though. B. Traits is clearly at home with fast, expressive music of all genres, and her sets often ratchet through breakbeat, rave and jungle.

In counterpoint to her dramatically wild selections and proficient mixing, she’s also someone who recognises the kind of spiritual recovery that ION also represents. In 2019 she released an album of guided meditation on her own Paciphonic label; a release which introduced meditation to a new audience.