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If Ben UFO still seems like a young, up and coming DJ then that’s more the result of his restless, searching energy than a lack of experience. In truth, Ben has been at the very forefront of underground electronic music for over a decade, co-founding the Hessle Audio label in 2007 and going on to champion experimental dancefloor sounds in countless DJ sets, mixes and radio shows. Growing initially from a template of DMZ-influenced dubstep, Ben helped to popularise the post-Dubstep sound of figures like Blawan and Joy Orbison before eventually developing a global sound that’s both rhythmically complex but still capable of driving dancefloors into a frenzy.

Ben has become the one to watch, a DJ who others look to for inspiration and direction; a DJ who gets called experimental but for whom success still looks like a heaving dancefloor. He’ll be encouraged to display all the facets of his music at ION, a place where there are no fences and where the only thing you should expect is a trip through the unexpected.