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Craig Richards

Craig Richards is an extremely rare example of someone who’s achieved total esteem by doing two apparently contradictory things. On the one hand he’s been the face and musical voice of fabric nightclub for two decades; a solid presence who’s stayed in one place to create one of the most important legacies in global club music. At the same time, however, he’s also a painter, a producer, a collector and a curator.

It’s this restlessness and curiosity that makes him an ideal selector for ION. Not only will the Albanian coast be a staging ground for his infectious, metallic-sounding house and electro, but the variety of stages will offer him the chance to explore more than a conventional house set could. Whatever aspects of his music and personality he chooses to exert on ION’s stages, it’ll be with the sophisticated eye of someone who’s been an expert at reading dancefloor situations and steering them into the right spaces for over twenty years.