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With track titles including ‘Imperial Propaganda’, ‘Kill False Prophets’ and ‘Offending Public Morality’, it’s clear that Dax J is a man unafraid to take it on in his own way. Whether it’s as a DJ, a producer or the boss of his Monnom Black label, Dax has become synonymous with a very modern, very uncompromising strand of heavy club music. Hearing him DJ is a lesson for techno enthusiasts and a nightmare for track ID-ers.

With technical precision he cuts through mutant techno records, harnessing the waves of energy that each new sound releases. He’s part selector, part boxer; bobbing and weaving around with light-footed energy and still managing to deal seismic blows on the crowd. He’s also almost certainly one of the only Berghain regulars who can drop classic garage records in the middle of a savage techno set and have the crowd not miss a step. Thankfully ION will have plenty of cavernous spaces for Dax to fill with his primal sound.