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DJ Masda

During the ‘00s, minimal techno was a big deal. Lengthy, trippy records that gurgled and whirred with chirrups and clicks were celebrated as the future sound of dance music. There were no big drops and no hints of rave revivalism, just subtle, delicate music that seduced dancefloors with lush, immersive warmth. It dominated festivals and its foremost practitioners became as close to household names as the underground ever comes. And then, the hype evaporated.

But, for those DJs who had always championed smooth, sophisticated house music, the boom and bust cycle was just a temporary sideshow. Before minimal existed, and after it had faded from the limelight, Japan’s DJ Masda has played his own timeless variety of snake-charmer electronics with a discipline that’s seen him rise to the top. Despite heading up the respected Cabaret Recordings (and the Tokyo club night of the same name), Masda has never released any of his own music, and has gained his respected status based purely on his DJing ability. If you love house music that’s deep, fluid and engineered for beachside bliss, Masda’s appearance at ION will be one not to skip.