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Helena Hauff

With her soft voice and self-deprecating sense of humour, Helena Hauff emanates a gentle, easy-going vibe that’s a world away from the snarling, no frills acid of her music. As a teenager she listened to garage rock and grunge, graduating to techno after a revelatory night out in her hometown of Hamburg. From there she developed an obsessive desire to play and to produce intense, industrial-sounding electro and techno, all created with vintage synths and drum machines. Her devotion to her sound has led to her subsequent rise as a global icon in the techno scene; a consistent dealer of fast, disorientating sets that are both futuristically alien and industrially gothic.

She is though, as her demeanour suggests, a complex figure who embraces music and the community around it more widely too. In addition to her warehouse raves and high-profile techno collaborations, she’s also released mixes that celebrate a deep love for psyche rock and dream pop. Helena is the kind of three-dimensional artist who’ll be well suited to the range of experiences and terrains available at ION.