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Hessle Audio

Since they first started combining their talents in 2006, the trio of Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangaea have been playing and releasing some of the most boundary-pushing sounds in dance music.

Inspired by a shared love of the explosive dubstep played at FWD>>, all three took the energy of London’s bass scene and added heavier doses of drum and bass, house and techno to the dubby blueprint of artists like Mala and Coki. They developed this template whilst at university in Leeds and ended up building a record label which surpassed dubstep with a new sound that’s both experimental but entirely dancefloor focused. Their collective ability to root out club music that’s both danceable and unconventional has made them into DJs in huge demand.

As selectors they’re able to push the dancefloor with wide-ranging sets that shift slickly through itchy-footed half steppers and spiralling, psychedelic techno. In a way that very few other artists are able, Hessle Audio synthesise the dense, minimal labyrinths of Ricardo Villalobos with hypnotic, tribal sounds. It’s an experience that works best when the intricacies of their records can flourish, so having them playing in the picturesque surroundings of ION is going to be incendiary.