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Jeff Mills

Whereas some DJs need an introduction, Jeff Mills isn’t one of them. A talismanic figure to everyone with an awareness of Detroit techno, Jeff was a pioneering figure in the emergence of electronic dance music, and anyone who’s ever lost themselves to heavy beats in a big, dark room owes him a debt. As one of the original men behind the legendary record label, Underground Resistance, Jeff helped create the template for modern techno, eventually leaving the label to pursue a solo career as the architect of fast, minimal techno. He removed the emotion and the frills from what was being made in the ‘80s and ‘90s, thus helping to set in motion a techno juggernaut that everyone from Richie Hawtin to Adam Beyer has followed.

Over the decades he’s also proved that he’s so much more than big room techno. He’s led orchestras, soundtracked films, created ambient pieces and performed special sets where he revels in his influences. Jeff’s ION set is going to be equally special, a culmination of the varied aspects of a legendary career.