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Take the complex rich ambient sound world of Pariah and merge it with the synth led textural techno of Blawan and you get Karenn. A mere side project of the two titans considered by many as one of the best live techno acts of all time. Moving away from the decks and onto the colour coded spaghetti world of modular synthesis and analog hardware, the duo get their thrills by playing an intricate game of high stakes improvisation. They’re so good, however, that each performance is deserving of its own album.

With their friendship dating back to the early 00s, the pair have a borderline telepathic understanding of each other on stage, connecting on a higher plane as they effortlessly flow through the endless stream of incoming ideas. While speradious works span back almost a decade, the public's continuous calls of ‘We Want More’ were finally answered as the duo launched their much anticipated Voam label in 2019. Gifting two incredible albums in the space of a year, which include the piledriving hits of Salz, Strawbs and Crush The Mushrooms, the pair are a much needed injection of innovation in today’s techno scene. New spaces are often a source of inspiration for creatives and this will be a rare chance to see them interact with new surroundings as they make their debut at one of the bespoke ION stages.