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Nicolas Lutz

Some DJs buy records purely for the dancefloor, Nicolas Lutz buys music (vinyl only, of course) because he loves it. That devotion to seeking out music with the power to connect people emotionally has resulted in him travelling the world many times since he left his home in Uruguay at the end of the ‘90s. It’s also led to him become a revered selector and much-loved resident at respected clubs including London’s Toi.Toi.Musik and Club de Visionaire in Berlin. His tastes are predictably wide ranging, but a typical Lutz club set might run its fingers through records plucked from sophisticated piano house or tuff ‘90s tracks with warm basslines and lushly padded drums. He’s also an able collaborator too, as anyone who has witnessed his good vibes B2Bs with Sonya Moonear at Junction 2 will testify. Uruguay might be a world away, but Nicolas is the ideal candidate to recreate those glamorous Punta del Este sunsets at ION.