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While Pangaea’s name is often invoked as part of the trio who founded Hessle Audio, Kevin McAuley has his own signature sound that also sets him apart from Ben UFO and Pearson Sound. You could perhaps argue that out of the three, Pangaea expresses the most obvious love for the roots and branches of techno.

His DJ sets frequently feature diversions through electro and rattling Baltimore club music, yet always seem to come back to a gritty techno framework where minimal bleeps and grimy haziness corrupt the straight cleanliness of the beats. Where he does tend to align with his Hessle colleagues and fellow ION DJs is in the appreciation of variety, the love of sub bass and the preternatural ability to take the dancefloor through a dizzying array of genres and tempos. It’s rude, energetic, jump-up music from a DJ who sets a frenetic pace for dancers to follow.