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Radioactive Man

It’s not an overstatement to say that Keith Tenniswood aka Radioactive Man is one of the most important British producers of the last two decades. Since his 2001 debut album, Radioactive Man, Tenniswood has been creating a legacy of pioneering electro tracks that marry Detroit’s original sound design with the freewheeling spirit of M25 rave culture. Through his work as a sound engineer for Sabres of Paradise he grew to know Andrew Weatherall, a relationship which lead to their fruitful collaboration as Two Lone Swordsmen, and which produced arguably one of the best and most unexpected moments of minimal techno with their gorgeous, kosmische remix of Ricardo Villalobos’s track, Dexter.

It’s as Radioactive Man that Tenniswood is best known, however, and for which he’s enjoyed a long career of highlights including a celebrated mix CD for fabric, a slew of high-profiles remixes for the likes of Slam and ongoing collaborations with artists including David Holmes and Primal Scream. Despite having spent twenty years crafting this fusion of fizzing electro and warped darkness, very few have caught up to Radioactive Man and his music still sounds timeless because it’s so not of this earth.