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Contrary to the usual run of things, Claus Voigtmann is a DJ who chose to move from Germany to London rather than the other way around. It was a move that’s typical of a character who isn’t afraid to go against the grain and do things his own way. It’s this singularity that’s led him to take on a wide range of roles, from music producer to co-founder of the Toi.Toi.Musik parties and a resident at fabric. He’s well known for playing clean, metallic tracks with bags of funk and wiggle. Whether he’s warming up Room 1 at fabric or headlining raves around the world, his DJ sets are loaded with tunes heavy with warping synths and skittery breakbeats. As a seasoned resident he’s also capable of showing his versatility with dancefloor sessions that can range from the purely ambient to peak-time techno. ION’s long runtime and varied stages will give Voigtmann ample opportunities to treat dancers to his multifaceted sound.