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At ION we pride ourselves on providing a premium holiday experience at an accessible price, with a wide range of accommodation options to cater for all budgets. All tickets include accommodation and a festival wristband.

A festival ticket and a 7-day hotel stay starts at only £318 per person.

Unlike a camping festival, having your own bed and shower near the festival site will ensure that you’re rested, recharged and ready to make the most of your trip to Albania.

We also offer the ability to secure your spot with a small deposit and split the cost across multiple instalments and paydays, with deposits starting at £75pp.

ION Festival Albania
3 ✶ Hotel
from £318pp
ION Festival Albania
4 ✶ Hotel
from £420pp
ION Festival Albania
5 ✶ Hotel
from £843pp

How far is the accommodation from the festival?

There are 3 areas where you can stay: Dhërmi, Perivolos and Drymades. The festival takes place in Dhërmi which means you can simply walk to and from the festival area.

We operate a shuttle bus service between Dhërmi, Perivolos and Drymades so even if your accommodation is not within walking distance, it’s still easy to get to and from the festival site.

All the accommodation around Dhërmi beach is within walking distance from the stages, with some hotels located inside the festival area. Hotels here are in high demand and usually sell out quite quickly.

The neighbouring beach to Dhërmi is a short drive away from the festival and offers a great selection of shops, restaurants and beach bars during the day.

The area in between both beaches, is only a 5-minute drive away from the festival site.